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Silent Voices Uganda is a not for profit making all Female Founding Directors’ Performing Arts (Theatre /Film/Television/Radio dramas) Development and Production organization founded with the mission to rekindle and develop the industry in Uganda and East Africa by:

  1. Producing high production value critical thinking social change productions without sacrificing the entertainment value of the performing arts.

  2. Collaborating with both local and international partners.

  3. Capacity building trainings of aspiring makers struggling in a country of limited performing arts institutional and/or organizational support systems.

The company was formerly Alfajiri Productions Ltd founded in 2009 and famed for its first powerful theatre production Silent Voices (2012), from which the company now derives its name as a tribute to this powerful production that continues to be described by many Ugandans as ‘the spiritual rebirth of theatre in Uganda’. The change in name was also partly inspired by the realization and reaffirmation that we do work that ‘give voice’ to issues affecting underprivileged/disadvantaged/minority groups, thus provoking and/or promoting meaningful conversations around the various issues.


We develop and produce high production value theatre/plays, film, television and radio dramas, with a focus on critical thinking social change stories that give voice, provoke and promote meaningful dialogues on issues affecting underprivileged/disadvantaged/minority groups.

We build capacity of aspiring theatre /play, film, Television and radio drama makers through training and apprenticeship programmes in different development and production areas such as Writing, Directing, Producing, Acting , Set and Props Design , Sound Design , Light Design Etc..,

Our training is divided into two parts

   1. Free trainings for Creative Directors, Playwrights and Youth aspiring makers who meet our requirements, funded by Doen Foundation and Open Society Initiative for Eastern Africa.

   2. Paid for weekly trainings for aspiring makers who do not meet the requirements for our free trainings but would like to enhance their skills.

We carry out Consultancies, providing services in concept and script development and productions in theatre /plays, film, television and radio dramas for organizations and/or companies that need the services.

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