Just Me You and THE SILENCE - New York 

Director Highlights Script
Producer Sets Up Table Work
Table Work Got Gideon and Cast
Producer Feeds Team
Director Phone Break
Victoria Listens
Director Pauses Action
Gideon Sings and Dances
Jacob Obina at Work
Jacob Obina Wows Family
Thomas and Victoria Prep
Director Gives Notes
More Director Notes
Playwright Sneak Peaks
Victoria Arrives at Recruitment Camp
Commander Nathan Drills Victoria
Playwright Gives a Word
Launch of the Bill
Family Picture Time
Mary Rose Preaches
Gideon Confronts His Father Obina
Mathias and Thomas Dance
Crowd Cheers Mathias and Thomas
Journalist 1 Interviews First Lady
Journalist 1 and First Lady Banter
Thanks Playwright for Amazing Script
Director Responds to Audience
Wow Director Just Wow!
Producer Always Has the Last Word
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