Niqabi Ninja Production Poster

Niqabi Ninja

Hana is a young illustrator from Cairo, who is creating a series of images that document her experiences of sexual harassment.

Holy Maria.jpg

Holly Maria

A lucky facebook accident sends Ann-Marie, wife to Pastor John Ssemana on an unforgettable adventure with her husband’s mistress, Princess Alicious.


The six (6) plays listed above were commissioned by the OBIE AWARD-WINNING 48 Hours In…™Harlem, an annual theatre project that brings together 30 Black Theatre Makers produced by Harlem 9 and the National Black Theatre New York.

48 Hours In…™Harlem is a concept conceived by 9 Harlem based Black Theatre Producers (Harlem 9) to look back on issues affect the black community and how they have changed, if any, since the times of Classical Black Playwrights like Lorraine Hansberry, Pearl Cleage, Zora Neale Hurston, Ntozake Shange, James Baldwin and August Wilson, a few but to mention.

This project brings together 30 Contemporary Black Theatre Makers to create 10 minutes plays of their modern day impressions of issues in feature length plays by Classical Black Playwrights. It brings together 6 Contemporary Black Playwrights, 6 Contemporary Black Directors and 18 Contemporary Black Actors.

The catch is to write, rehearse, and showcase to a paying audience at the National Black Theatre, New York, in 48 Hours!

While living in the USA in 2014, our Artistic Director Ms. Adong Judith was privileged to have been invited to participate as a playwright alongside renowned playwrights Jason Holtham, James Scruggs, Jesse Alick Cameron, Pia Wilson and Nikkole Salter. She wrote Blood inspired by Lorraine Hansberry’s Les Blancs.


​A white American Journalist is forced to confront his own part in America’s racism when he comes down to an African City to cover the story of the murder of a young African gay boy

Shadow of an Angel

Maya visits her big brother Miles and takes the opportunity to use as her other as a model to paint in her aspiration to recapture the soul of the Harlem Renaissance Cotton Club Vibe for her arts fellow submission

BTY 2018_03.JPG

Better than Yellow

Renay and Toni’s marriage is on the brink of failure and they must seek the support of a marriage counselor, who hypnotizes Toni to delve deep into her feelings for Renay

FCB... 2018_04.JPG

For colored boys ....

For Colored Boys Who Have Considered Colored Girls When What Was Wasn't Enough explores the treatment of black women by black men from the men’s perspective.

AO 2018_03.JPG

All OK

Pamela, Iraqi war veteran returns home and as tradition visits her hair dresser, Shrimp, however, simple actions within and without Shrimp’s house become dire triggers to her PTSD.

K 2018_09.JPG


Clay seeks to introduce Jeff to the mysterious the Keepers, black beings believed to be preservers of black people’s heritage to ensure the saving of black energy for posterity amidst racially motivated black people’s apocalypse

Theatre Production Apprenticeship Programme 2016

1 Ga-AD!.jpg

Ga-AD! Production 2016

“Ga-AD!” is our 2016 Theatre Production Apprenticeship. This means that it is the play that we used to train apprentices in our on-the-job hands-on training.


Play Synopsis

“Ga-AD!” is a bold and bawdy take on Pentecostal evangelism and the so-called prosperity gospel and the place of women in this prosperity.


Silent Voices English production  2015)

​Silent Voices is a powerful poignant war crimes story that mirrors the views and emotions of actual victims of the Northern Uganda war.


Dwon Ma Peke (Silent Voices Acholi  2015)

​Silent Voices is a powerful poignant war crimes story that mirrors the views and emotions of actual victims of the Northern Uganda war.


Silent Voices English Production 2012

​Silent Voices is a powerful poignant war crimes story that mirrors the views and emotions of actual victims of the Northern Uganda war.