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Extension Announcement 21 ST April 2020

Extended Deadline:

3rd May 2020 at 11:59pm EAT (East Africa Time)


June 1st – August 3rd 2020 


Kampala, Uganda & Nairobi, Kenya


Africa-Based Aspiring/Beginner Theatre Directors

Application Guidelines

Silent Voices Uganda is pleased to re-advertise our 2020 African Theatre Directors Apprenticeship Program. 

In its 5 th Birthdate and 3 rd Continental Edition, Silent Voices Uganda’s Theatre Directors Apprenticeship Program continues with its BOLD, COMPETITIVE, and FIERCE Africa Experience!! 

Due to program running resource constraints, the program was originally started in 2016 to bridge the theatre practicum gap in Uganda’s limited and limiting performing arts training. After two local editions, we received numerous emails from across the African continent with moving suggestions of how to make the limited resources serve the entire continent. So, we took the program continental in 2018; and now in its 3 rd Continental Edition.

Open to aspiring and beginner theatre directors, who are residents and practitioners on the African continent, the program is a 2-months crash course that trains and mentors 10 theatre directing apprentices in a hands-on directing and related production activities under the auspices of Silent Voices Uganda’s Productions. It aims to develop an internationally competitive Africa theatre director under the patronages of Silent Voices Uganda, by the end of the program. 

The apprenticeship is not a college-like training environment but rather a hybrid of college-like training and learning on the job training approaches with more focus on learning on the job approaches. Aspiring and beginner theatre directors are challenged to develop directorial concepts, pitch, collaborate with production designers and other production related artists and direct scenes from Silent Voices Uganda’s production for the year that showcases to a paying audience, hence keeping the company’s established high quality production brand. 

This training approach not only equips directors in learning how to be a great sole director, but also in co-directing projects; yet keeping within the aesthetics of a particular production as is normally the case with TV Series productions that engage several directors in directing different episodes of the show. 

In line with our goal to reach broader global creative market, through training and development of high quality critical thinking theatre production, Silent Voices Uganda is inviting interested individuals to apply for this innovative, hands-on theatre experience..


The program is open to all aspiring and/or beginner theatre directors based and practicing in Africa, who:

  • Have a Degree or Diploma in the Performing Arts and related fields such as Industrial Art, Literature, Media and Mass communication, etcetera OR; 

  • Have at least 2 years’ Experience working in the performing arts (theatre, film, Television and storytelling), FOR APPLICANTS WITH A DEGREE/DIPLOMA IN OTHER FIELDS OR; 

  • Have at least 3 years’ Experience working in the performing arts (theatre, film, Television and storytelling), FOR APPLICANTS WITH NO DEGREE/DIPLOMA.

  • Are Between the Ages of 25-45.

  • Can comprehend and express themselves in English.

  • Can Commit Full Time for the duration of 2 months (June 1st – August 3rd 2020).

  • Can Travel and Live in Kampala, Uganda. 

NOTE: Currently Enrolled Students Are Not Eligible; But Can Apply for Directing Internships.


How to Apply

Must Submit All of the Following Materials Directly to:

  • Cover letter/ Application, (1 page)

  • Statement of Interest/Motivation Letter (1 page). This is a statement that explains why you would like to be considered for this apprenticeship; what and how you hope to benefit from the apprenticeship; how the apprenticeship fits into your career; and what and how you would contribute to the apprenticeship.

  • Biography, no more than 250 words (NOT a CV or Resume)

  • Professionally taken (High Quality Portfolio/Creative) Head shot of yourself (300DPI) 

NOTE: Please Send All Documents as Independent Attachments; and Do Not Send Any Other Document Not Requested!!


The new deadline for Extended submission is Sunday 3 rd May 2020 at 11:59 pm EAT (East African Time).


Applicants will be notified on an On-Going Basis as the Applications Come In and Are Reviewed.

NOTE: Please This Apprenticeship is for Aspiring and/or Beginner Theatre Directors NOT Film. We Are NOT Interested in Hearing Flowery Essays About Your Filmmaking Dreams. If You Are Interested in Filmmaking, Please Apply to the Various Powerful Film Programs.

Inquiries / Questions 

Links to the call 


Extended Deadline

Due to the COVID-19 situation and the related lockdowns all over the World,we at Silent Voices Uganda are compelled to extend the 2020 AfricanTheatre Directors Apprenticeship Program CALL to Sunday 3 rd May 2020.


We are aware that the novel Corona Virus pandemic that took the world andmore so Africa by storm and the subsequent measures taken by differentgovernments to curb the further spread of the disease, found manyunprepared, wondered what to do and how to go about it. We now believe that after a few weeks into the lockdown, you have adjusted your workingmethods as a creative and that you can now find the space and time to apply.

We are also responding to a number of enquires as to whether or not we have closed receiving applications.

We therefore officially announce that we are still receiving your applications until SUNDAY 3 RD May 2020. Should there be any change in plan for one reason or the other we shall communicate. Apply NOW! 

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