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We are excited to announce the 2nd Edition of our Theatre Production Apprentices Program that will take place June – August 2017 in Kampala, Uganda!!

The Theatre Production Apprentices Program teams up expert theatre makers and aspiring theatre makers in various production departments in a training on job arrangement under the auspices of a SILENT VOICES UGANDA production.

Interested Artists are invited to submit their applications in the various creative production department of their interests.


Applications Submission DEADLINE is Sunday 14th May 2017.



Available Positions:





Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Applicants MUST be Kampala based Ugandans and/or Upcountry based Ugandans who can transport themselves to Kampala and also accommodate themselves while in Kampala throughout the process

  2. Applicants MUST be between 25-45 years old.

  3. Applicants MUST hold a degree (s) and/or diploma (s) in the performing and/or creative arts and related fields such as Industrial Art, Literature, Mass Communication etc. If you have a degree and/or diploma in a non-art related field but have been active in the performing arts, then you are eligible to apply. A strong storytelling background is an added advantage.

  4. Applicants MUST be fully committed and available throughout the process.

  5. Applicants Must be able to comprehend and communicate in English Language.

  6. Applicants MUST be open to taking feedback in good faith.

  7. Applicants MUST be able to work Asses Off BECAUSE The Show Must Go On!


Application Documents:

Please submit the following documents:

  1.Cover Letter (1 page) that clearly highlights your name, age education background and the position you are interested in.


  2.Statement of Interest (1 page) clearly explaining why you are interested in this position and what your future goal is with the knowledge and        skills that you would have acquired.


Note: A Cover Letter and Statement of Interest are two completely different documents. We are interested in both a Cover Letter and Statement of Interest submitted as two separate documents.


  3.Bio (150-250 Words) highlighting your performing and/or creative arts work or work in a related field.

Note: A Bio and CV are two completely different documents. We are interested in a Bio.

  4.Professional Headshot (High Resolution Colour Photo of Yourself)


Note: Please do not send a picture you took using your phone and/or computer or a low resolution camera.



Please email your application to

For further inquiries, send us an email to the above email address or call:

0772 008 288 OR 0757 852 099 and ask for Gloria

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