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Following the first edition of The Theatre Production Apprenticeship, Silent Voices Uganda received a number of feedback from the Uganda Art fraternity. Key among the feedback is that by nature of how it is designed, the Theatre Production Apprenticeship isolates a number of interested parties such as those without degrees and those with full time jobs who cannot commit two (2) full months of their times to acquire the skills provided by the Apprenticeship.

Silent Voices Uganda’s weekend workshops in different specialties of theatre and film making is therefore designed to bridge this gap. The workshops are open to all interested parties of legal age from all walks of life. Each workshop runs for a period of three (3) weekends .

Below are the different workshops we run:

  • Theatre Directing

  • Screen Directing Workshop

  • Playwriting Workshop

  • Screenwriting Workshop

  • Theatre and Film Producing Workshop

  • Theatre Set and Props Design Workshop

  •  Film Set and Props Design Workshop

  • Theatre Acting Workshop

  • Screen Acting Workshop                    


Participants are expected to pay the following fees:

  1. Registration Fees of 50,000/= Per Workshop

  2. Participation Fees of 50, 000/= Per Day


Register by sending an email to or call Gloria on 0772-008-288 or 0757-852-099

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