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Holy Maria 2018

Play Synopsis

A lucky facebook accident sends Ann-Marie, wife to Pastor John Ssemana on an unforgettable adventure with her husband’s mistress, Princess Alicious.


Does motherhood take away womanliness? “Holy Maria” explores how men seem to look at their wives as the mother of their children not partners with whom to explore each other’s sexual fantasies and how women’s problems

are, sometimes women.

Play Inspiration and Journey

In 2013, the Short + Sweet Theatre Festival Zimbabwe made a call for 10 minutes plays that explore how social media has affected our lives.

Playwright Adong responded to the call with this hilarious comedy, “Holy Maria”, which was selected and participated in the Harare International Festival of the Arts (HIFA) and directed by renowned Zimbabwean Director, Gamu Patience Tawengwa, who Ms. Adong had dreamed of collaborating with for years.

Holy Maria has been developed to a 30 minutes play that is now set to have its Uganda Premiere at the National Theatre of Uganda back-to-back with “Blood”

Creative Team

ADONG Lucy Judith,


Director, Playwright & Producer




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