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TED 2017

In 2017, Adong Judith won the fellowship at TEDGlobal Conference, where she would share her impact in using Theatre to sparl off Conversations and bridge gaps of differences among people from all walks of life. Founder and artistic director of Silent Voices Uganda, a nonprofit performing arts company, Adong Judith creates art that provokes meaningful conversation on issues often considered taboo.

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Director and playwright Adong Judith creates provocative art that sparks dialogue on issues from LGBTQ rights to war crimes. In this quick but powerful talk, the TED Fellow details her work -- including the play "Silent Voices," which brought victims of the Northern Ugandan war against Joseph Kony's rebel group together with political, religious and cultural leaders for transformative talks. "Listening to one another will not magically solve all problems," Judith says. "But it will give a chance to create avenues to start to work together to solve many of humanity's problems."

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CNN Interview

Uganda's inspirational playwright, Judith Adong; the director bringing social empowerment to others through theatre. Source: CNN.


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Okay Africa NEWS

Jul. 18, 2017 10:00PM EST

In August 2107, after successfully producing and directing the controversial play, Just Me You and The Silence, Adong travelled to Arusha, Tanzania for the TEDGlobal Conference where 21 innovators would spread worthy ideas on different global aspects they are passionate about. She joined 9 other Africans, and as part of Okay Africa “focus on African Futures”, they wrote to Adong with this questionnaire.


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Holy Maria makes a welcome return to Theatre in the Park

Published October 16, 2017

As the duo production moves to Zimbabwe, we have cast two prolific Zimbabwean actresses from Harare, Lisa Gutu and Jo-Anne Chidochangu Tenga to take on the coveted roles of Anna Maria, and Jessica, respectively. Lisa is a theatre graduate from the University of Zimbabwe who made her professional theatre debut with “Tokwe Mukosi” the musical (2015) and “The Past Is For The Future” alongside Nama award winner Eunice Tava and “Taking A Spirit Home” directed by Daves Guzha.

Lisa and Jo-Anne join an equally fine selection of notable Ugandan actors from Uganda including BBUMBA Robert Ernest, twice nominated as best actor for his roles in “The Booty” and “Superstition”. He made his theatre debut with Silent Voices Uganda’s play production, “Ga-AD!” (2016). He plays an African-American Boy/African Man/Pastor John Semana.

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Since the era of self censorship by Ugandan theatre makers during Idd Amin's dictatorial regime, Adong Judith stands out as  a daring playwright and theatre director. Her production , Silent Voices 2012 which put to light the dissatisfaction of the victims of the northern Uganda war about the reconciliation policy, and Just Me, You and the Silence which explored the conflict in a family of a prominent government official and his gay son are to date some of the most controversial pieces since the 1970s. Full Woman a women's magazine in Daily Monitor publications profiled Adong and her daring spirit to tell stories others are afraid to tell. 

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Silent Voices, relevant even today

“How can I be a responsible father when I was forced to be a wife to another man?” asked a witness in the trial of Mother.

The question shocked most guests who watched Dwon Ma Peke, Silent Voices at the National theatre last weekend. You see, people knew about the fact that the Lord’s Resistance Army had raped women but did not know that the men, too, were sodomized.

The play, written by Judith Lucy Adong and set in a society undergoing transitional justice, reveals the untold terrors experienced by countless victims of the two-decade conflict in Northern Uganda.

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Lucy Judith Adong: Letting the silent voices be heard

Lucy Judith Adong is a playwright known for Just Me, You and The Silence, The Nurse Mildred Drama, River Yei Junction and Shadow of Tainted Soul among others. She is also a lecturer of Script Writing and Production for Screen, Radio and Stage. Her play, Silent Voices – based on interviews with victims of the Northern Uganda conflict, raises some crucial discussion points about forgiveness versus justice as peace and conflict resolution approaches. It premiers in Uganda this month. She talks to Caesar Abangirah about her life, love and script writing.

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Silent Voices back this weekend

Holy Maria is about Anna Maria, wife to a pastor on an unforgettable adventure with her husband’s mistress; whereas Blood is about a white American journalist who is forced to confront his part in American racism when he visits an African city to cover the murder of a young African gay boy.

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SILENT VOICES: A Play and Advocacy Project for War Crimes Victims’ Rights

Silent Voices is a play and advocacy for justice project that reveals and witnesses the terror experienced by countless victims of the 20-year conflict in Northern Uganda, including children, enhancing victims’ healing process and empowerment to take action to improve current policies affecting their lives. The play, sponsored by Solidarity Uganda, is produced by Alfajiri Productions Ltd. Written by renowned Ugandan playwright, Judith Adong and partly developed at the Sundance Theater Lab,

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Ugandan youth win World Bank #Blog4Dev youth essay contest

Our very own PR / Media and Marketing manager, Douglas Dubois Sebamala,  won the World Bank #Blog4Dev essay addressing what can be done to end gender based violence in Uganda. His blog made a strong case for use of performance and creative arts to bring attention to gender-based violence, and help victims heal faster from their trauma. “Allowing creatives to share others’ stories through communal theatre pieces, anthologies, song or dance.....

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Silent Voices; voicing their cries in a play

As the debate begins taking shape at The Hague, with a possibility of trying former Lord Resistance Army (LRA) rebel commander, Dominic Ongwen, in Uganda, playwright and filmmaker Judith Lucy Adong is kick-starting month-long rehearsals for her play titled ‘Silent Voices’.

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Silent Voices carefully tackle Uganda’s LGBTQ issue

Known for their out of this world props, costumes and cast, it was quite unprecedented that they were going to stage their opening acts at Bat Valley Theatre, not that it’s a bad space, its auditorium lacks the basics that would qualify a space as a theatre, especially if it involves a set like that of Silent Voices.

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‘Blood’ and ‘Holy Maria’ premiere in Kampala

Silent Voices Uganda’s back-to-back production of Lucy Judith Adong’s two plays Holy Maria and Blood will run at the Uganda National Theatre in Kampala on January 27, 28, and 29.

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Silent Voices hold the Ugandan gay conversation

Last week, Silent Voices Uganda debuted Just You, Me and the Silence at Bat Valley theatre.

Known for their out-of-this-world props, costumes and cast, it was unprecedented that they were going to stage their opening acts at Bat Valley theatre.

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Justice and Reconciliation Project

JRP’s Lino Owor Ogora Provides Feedback on the ‘Silent Voices’ Play; A Play Featuring the Conflict in Northern Uganda.

On Tuesday 24th July 2012, I attended and watched the play ‘Silent Voices’ showing at the national theatre. The two-hour play, written by Judith Atim, features the plight of children and other civilians living in northern Uganda, including the challenges of attaining justice and reconciliation for formerly abducted persons. The play provides a vivid history of the conflict, including the highlight of historic atrocities committed by the NRA in the early days of the conflict, such as ‘tek-gungu’. It also highlights crimes such as child abduction, sexual slavery, and massacres perpetrated by the LRA. In addition, another factor highlighted is the dilemma presented by the pursuit of justice. In this regard, a child mother particularly struggles to win acceptance from the community who only choose to view her as the ‘killer’ she is, while ignoring the victimization and suffering she underwent.

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HOLY MARIA                                               BLOOD

Silent Voices Uganda Returns with a new Production at the Uganda National Theatre, Holy Maria, a comedy from Short+Sweet Theatre Festival, Harare Zimbabwe( 2013) and Blood, a Tragedy from 48 Hours in Harlem (2014)

January 27th,28th and 29th 2017

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