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Play Synopsis

In this contemporary impression of Lorraine Hansberry’s classic, Les Blancs, a white American Journalist is forced to confront his own part in America’s racism when he comes down an African City to cover the story of the murder of a young African gay boy. 

The body of an African-American boy lies cold on the street. A White American Journalist heads to an African City to investigate the murder of an African gay boy.


Play Inspiration and Journey

Developed as part of 48 Hours in Harlem (2014), an annual project created and run by Harlem 9 in collaboration with the National Black Theater, New York, Blood is Adong’s contemporary impression of Lorraine Hansberry’s play Les Blancs.

48 Hours in Harlem brings together contemporary 6 Black Playwrights, 6 Black Directors and 18 Black actors/actresses randomly teaming them up into groups of 5 (playwright, director and 3 actors) with the one challenge to each team member to play his/her role to write a 10 minutes play adaptation of a randomly selected classical feature length play, rehearse and stage a full production of the play in 48 Hours starting on a Friday 9pm and ending on a Sunday 9pm. And there are rules!

Ms. Adong randomly chose Les Blancs by Lorraine Hansberry most known for her play A Raisin in the Sun. In Les Blancs, set in a fictional African City, Lorraine Hansberry tackles the struggle of a black intellectual, Tshembe, who has been living in Europe and returns to Africa for the funeral of his father, founder of a resistance movement against colonial rule and Tshembe must decide whether to get involved in the insurgency.

Blood tackles the struggle of black people to survive White Supremacy both in the USA and Africa while exposing White American hypocrisy through the journey of a White American Savior journalist forced to confront his own part in America’s racism when he comes down to an African City to investigate the murder of a young gay black boy.

One of the shocking things for the playwright was the discovery of how little she and black people on the African continent know about the racism still suffered by African-Americans in the USA. Slavery and racism always seemed presented as a historical event long forgotten. This is made worst by the fact that American history is not taught in Uganda and most African countries.

Blood is a 10 minutes play that aspires to share a slice of the African-American racism plight with Ugandan/East African and international audiences through the space provided by Kampala International Theatre Festival 2016.

“Blood” has been developed to a 30 minutes play that aspires to share a slice of the African-American racism plight with Ugandan/East African and international audiences in its Uganda Premiere at the National Theatre of Uganda back-to-back with “Holy Maria”, another 30 minutes play showing January 27th, 28th and 29th 2017.

Creative Team

ADONG Lucy Judith,


Director, Playwright & Producer


Co-Producer & Production Manager

Director, Playwright & Producer

ADONG Lucy Judith

Director, Playwright & Producer

An alumna of Sundance Theater Lab, Royal Court Theatre International Playwrights Residency and Renowned Hollywood Director, Mira Nair’s Maisha Film Lab currently living in her home country Uganda, ADONG is a Theater/Film Creative Director, Writer & Producer, who creates captivating plays and films that provoke and promote dialogue on social issues affecting underprivileged groups.

She is a 2015 graduate of Temple University MFA Film and Media Arts, under the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship 2012, where she also took classes in MFA Theatre Directing and Playwriting. She also taught classes in International Cinema and Screenwriting. She won the Margaret McNamara Memory Fund Education Grant USA/Canada 2014 and was voted among the WHO IS WHO in American Universities and Colleges 2015.

Adong also holds a B.A (Arts), Subjects-Luo Language, Literature and Drama and a Diploma in Music, Dance and Drama, both of Makerere University’s Department of Performing Arts and Film, where she currently Lectures courses in Creative Writing, Directing and Producing.

Blood is Adong 4th directing project. June-August 2016, she directed the powerful production of Ga-AD! at the Uganda National Theatre. In 2015, she made her Theatre Directing debut on the powerful Acholi Production of her renowned play, Silent Voices, which toured Gulu, Kitgum, Lira and Kampala. She also directed the Refresher Rehearsals of the English Production of the same play as powerful directed by New York based Director, Dennis Hilton-Reid in 2012. Adong has also directed a powerful 50mins Film, Right Song, Wrong C(h)ord (2016), her MFA Thesis Film that explores Racism in the USA through the love story of a young Ugandan woman and a young Caucasian American man, based on her own experience in the Metropolitan City of Philadelphia, where she lived for three years while pursuing Graduate Film Studies.

Play titles to her name includes: Silent Voices (Justice for War Crime Victims in Northern Uganda), Just Me, You and THE SILENCE (Gay Rights Struggle in Uganda), Ga-AD (Uganda’s Pentecostal Church Religious Politics), A Time to Celebrate (Child Sacrifice Practices in Uganda), Holy Maria (A 10mins play on Social Media Deception that featured at Zimbabwe International Arts Festival) and Blood ( Modern Day Adaptation of Lorraine Hansberry’s Les Blancs that featured at 48 Hours in Harlem, a 10mins play writing and production challenge within 48 hours hosted by the OBIE Award-Winning Harlem 9 and the National Black Theatre, New York.

Her plays have been presented in different theatres in New York, London, Toronto and Chicago and/or has been/is being studied at Princeton University, Dartmouth College, New York University and University of North Carolina, Chapel Hills, where she has also been invited as a Visiting Artist.


“… This is an important piece that deserves to be heard and we are pleased to be providing an opportunity for audiences to connect with its message”, Kevin Spacey, Oscar Award-Winning actor and Artistic Director of the Old Vic Theatre in London, on Adong’s play Just Me, You and THE SILENCE that he hosted to a 1, 000+ gala audience in November 2012.


Adong is also a Published Writer by MacMillan and Fountain Publishers and has worked as a Professional Acholi-English/English-Acholi Translator and Interpreter for many Organizations and Companies including the Commonwealth Secretariat Election Observers (2006), The International Criminal Courts and United Nations Children Education Funds (UNICF) among others.


Before going to Graduate Film School in the USA, Adong worked on a number of Film, Television and Radio Drama Projects in Uganda, Kenya and South Sudan among which includes among others: as Screenwriter, Lost Dreams (Land Mines Awareness Film by Great Lakes Film Production Ltd/Handicap International, Uganda, 2011), Creator and Writer, The Nurse Mildred Radio Drama (a 24-Episodes Radio Drama Series on Family Planning and HIV by John Hopkins University Health Department 2011), Staff Screenwriter, The Agency (M-NET Hour Long Original Television Drama Series Set in Nairobi, Kenya 2009) and Creator and Writer, River Yei Junction (a 13-Episodes Radio Drama Series on Democracy, Human Rights and the Rule of Law by Resource Centre for Civil Leadership in Yei, South Sudan 2008).

Co-Producer & Production Manager


Akello started her Theatre Production career as the Production Assistant for Silent Voice 2012 Production and due to her excellent managerial skills became the Production Manager for Dwon Ma Peke (Silent Voices Acholi Production 2015) from which Achiro P. Olwoch noticed her managerial skills and offered her the same position on the production of the documentary film, My prison Diary by Achiro Media Productions 2015.


She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Adult and Community Education from Makerere University where she was the Deputy in charge of academics at her college. She was the president of the Education for sustainable Development (ESD) club-A United Nations initiated project. She was also part of the youth selected to present at the United Nations Launch of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). Akello has made several other presentations on Sustainability and Environmental Protection which she is very passionate about.  She is the co-founder of the Ayaa Lehua Girls’ Scholarship Program; a scholarship for girls from disadvantaged families in Northern Uganda and volunteers as a translator for different causes.


Akello, who is also an aspiring Writer and Poet, loves to make sure that things run smoothly so as the Production Manager of Silent Voices Uganda, she is in her element. 


BBUMBA Robert Ernest
as African-American Boy/Africa Man
as Black Woman
as Black Woman
RUGAJU River Dan
as White American Cop / White American Journalist
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IBANDA Grace Flavia
Stage Manager/Dance and Movement Choreographer
Music Director
Make-UP Artist/Set and Props Designer
Costumes Designer
Backdrop Projection
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